Whiskers and Paws Pet Resort - Boarding at its Best
Your Pet's Stay
It is important to us that your pet enjoys their stay, and feels comfortable in the right size room. Our rooms vary in both size and price in order to help you find the perfect balance between budget and space.  Our unique kennels offer both inside and outside sections of their room, allowing them to enjoy all the comforts of home.  It is important that before you board your dog they are up to date on all their vaccinations.  For more information on what they need, check out our Boarding Requirements section.  All prices are on a per night basis and include feeding and time outside their room in our walking yards. The measurements listed below are inclusive of the inside and outside portion per room.
Extra Large $30 ($15 per additional dog):
Size: 12' x 8'
Large $22 ($11 per additional dog):
Size: 12' x 5'
Medium $18 ($9 per additional dog):
Size: 12' x 4'
Small $16 ($8 per additional dog):
Size: 12' x 3.5'
Holding Room $16
Cat Room $12
Bathing and Grooming Rates
Nail and bathing rates are based on the breed and ease of working with each dog.  Baths will include a shampoo, conditioner and drying.

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